How We Do

Application of know-how aimed at solving the creation/ modification/improvement needs of a product or process.

That's how we do



It involves the development of concepts and principles and the construction of the theoretical framework necessary for the development of technology, knowledge is generated about specific phenomena, without being considered a particular application in the first moment.



The practical demonstrations of the concepts and principles that were developed in the disruption stage are carried out, proving that these concepts indeed work.



At this stage, the viability and functionality of the technology are attested and the work carried out is aimed at creating new (or implementing improvements in) products, processes, and services.

In the case of product creation or improvement, the functionality of the technology is attested through the construction of experimental development prototypes. Once the three phases described above are fulfilled, it is considered that the technology is available for immediate application.

The application of the same technology/know-how to different clients will generate a technological solution adapted to the specific needs of each client.

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