360 Marketing

Exponential 360 marketing is one of the most powerful features of communication. We can say that it brings together all the activities that a company needs to excel and grow in the market. Our HUB counts on multidisciplinary and qualified professionals to develop diverse actions, both in the offline world and online, our company can develop diverse activities within the concept of integrated communication.

The strategy your company needs


Branding is a set of actions and strategies that aim to positively build a company's image vis-à-vis its public, brand and the identity of the organization. To work, branding must be interconnected with the customer at various points and with the company (websites, social networks, POS, ads, etc.). It is important that your strategy is aligned with the profile of the target audience of the business.


Creating promotional and merchandising materials is also among the services offered by Exponential HUB, integrating digital marketing with the physical, the customer tends to recognize a brand and/or product more efficiently.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing aims to share content targeted to a specific audience to attract it to the company. We use three strands: Content Marketing, Actions in Social Networks and SEO.

Social Networks

Anyone, in a few clicks, can recommend your company to countless friends or make a positive/negative assessment. With Exponential HUB your company can reach a surprising number of people from the social media, always taking into consideration the quality in the production of the contents below by highly qualified professionals.

Graphic Print

Strategies to encourage sales, retention and customer recovery. Diverse digital services such as Google Analytics, online advertising contracting, Content Marketing.

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